Elite Healthcare Management Medical/Dental Billing Services are:


Full-Service – While other medical/dental billing companies require the client to do some of the legwork.

Elite Healthcare Management takes on tasks like credentialing/enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied/underpaid claims, and more, depending on a client’s wishes.

Elite also advises practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on the front-end.

Software Flexible – We’ll work with the PM/EHR you prefer or we’ll recommend software to fit your specific needs,
if you’re looking for a new system. Practices can also simply mail or securely email us their superbills, if they prefer.

Customer Service Focused – Each Elite client has a team of employees dedicated to serving his or her account.
As a result, a representative, with personal knowledge of your account, is always available to answer questions.

Furthermore, all Elite Healthcare Management employees work in-house at our offices allowing a level of
communication and cohesiveness that is essential to providing top-notch medical/dental billing services.

Elite specializes in:

Credentialing / Enrollment
Staffing and Direct Hire
Charge Entry
Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Accounts Receivable
Patient Collections
Data Reporting

AR Experts

Get rid of delays. Get rid of denials. Collect more. 97%+

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Clear evaluations of your practice’s methods and patterns, so you can make informed changes,
boost efficiency, and grow your business freely.

Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

Never miss out on revenue because of preventable oversights.
Best-Practice Customer Service

Elite’s medical/dental billing team works in-house, allowing for maximum communication and efficiency,
as well as truly dependable and responsive customer service.

A Team of Billers for Each Client

Multiple eyes on each account mean less errors and higher collection rates for clients.


Contact us today to learn more about our billing and credentialing solutions.




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