Standard Medical Billing Rates

Comprehensive Medical/Dental Billing Services 5% to 7% of the Amount Received!

For most practices, our National Billing Services including medical insurance claim services are in excellent and inexpensive option.  You qualify for our Standard Rate Services if you bill out at least 100 claims per week, an on average, at least $75.00 per claim.  Here’s how it works:

Entering Data

There are several options for entering data.  Some of our customers prefer us to do all the data entry for them.  Others prefer to enter the basic demographic information on patients, along with the CPT code, diagnosis code and other basic encounter information.  Doing this part of the data entry will decrease your cost with us, and we provide free training on how to do it.

Claims Submission / Claim Follow-up

We review each encounter manually, add the rest of the insurance information, make sure it all looks correct, and submit the claims electronically to the insurances.   We follow up immediately on all claims that are rejected, denied, or underpaid, or on any claims where there has been no response from the insurance company.  You don’t have to worry about claims follow up or tracking specific claims etc.  We work hard to get the claims paid for your office

Secondary Insurances

We automatically bill any secondary insurances at no cost.  We provide the same thorough level of follow-up for secondary claims as we do for the primary claims.

Patient Balances

We send out monthly statements for any amounts owed by patients for co-pays, deductibles, etc.  If a patient has a question about a bill, they can call our office and our professional staff will review all aspects of the invoice with them and answer all of their questions.  This relieves a huge burden off your office staff, as they no longer have to answer these type of patients questions about their bills.


Pricing is based on a percentage of the amount you receive from both insurance & patients.  The only other fee is a one-time startup fee of $500 per clinician with a maximum of $1500 for 8 or more clinicians.  In order to qualify for Standard Billing, you must bill out at least 100 claims per week and receive at least $75 per claim (amount received not billed).  If you meet this criteria, your cost would be 5% to 7% of amount received (Please note this is the amount you receive from insurances and patients, not the amount you bill out)  We don’t get paid until you do!

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